Simple Wisdom Tip #24: Keep Short Accounts With Your Boss

It’s amazing to me how so many employees don’t really know where they stand with their boss or what she thinks of them. One simple strategy is agreeing on a set of annual goals and objectives, which brings clarity to what is expected.


Another is a technique that I’ve coached people to use with their supervisor. It goes like this: “Hey boss, can you give me some feedback on my performance? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high, how am I doing?” This forces the boss to give you a number rather than just saying “you’re doing fine”. Then, with this follow-up question, you really get some good feedback. If he rated you, say an 8, you would say, “Help me out boss, what would it take for me to get to a 9?”. Now, he’ll likely identify a specific thing or two for you to work on. If so, thank him, write it down and start working on it.


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