Simple Wisdom Tip #83: Don't Be Easy on Yourself

One of the more compelling things Jim Rohn said is this:  “The easier you are on yourself when no one is around, the harder life is going to be for you.”  And vice versa.


What does this mean?  It means that when we don’t have anyone holding us accountable – or we lack discipline – we slack off.  For example, the person who takes it easy when the boss is not around.  The person who doesn’t exercise but watches TV instead.  The person who doesn’t read challenging books.  The person who doesn’t learn the course material but crams for a test and forgets everything after taking it.  The person who is lazy about building and maintaining friendships.  And so on.


All these little decisions – to be hard on ourselves by doing the productive thing or to be easy on ourselves by letting things slide – determine how our lives turn out.  It is clearly better to do the “hard” but productive things.  



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