Simple Wisdom Tip #101: The Value of Values

Lots of organizations and individuals develop values to guide their behavior.  Too often, though, they pick values they’d like to have, want to have, wish they had, etc.  That’s why organizations and people often fall far short of their values.  Patrick Lencioni makes the case for a few “core values” that define the organization and must be adhered to.  Brene Brown distinguishes between our practiced values (what we’re actually doing, thinking, feeling) and our aspirational values (what we want to do, think, feel) and calls that our values gap.   One of these approaches is far better than coming up with some values that sound good to hang on a wall but are essentially useless.



I’ve adopted three for myself that are meaningful to me and to which I make a major effort to fulfill:  Kindness, gratefulness/thankfulness and clarity.  You might want to rethink the values you have and/or establish a few to guide you or your organization through life.