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Simple Wisdom Tip #77: Importance of Email Response Time

In Daniel Pink’s new and very interesting book, When, he cites research by a Columbia University sociologist that shows that email response time is the single best predictor of whether employees are satisfied with their boss.  The longer it takes for a boss to respond to their emails, the less satisfied people are with their leader.  Wow!

This is a wake-up call to those of us who lead or supervise – or even work with – people.  And, it may be an opportunity to help our leaders become even better.  It stands to reason that we feel appreciated when our boss or leader values our input enough to acknowledge and respond to it in a timely manner.

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Simple Wisdom Tip #76: Practice Your Listening Skills

One of the key life skills – if not the most important skill – is that of listening.  Yes, listening!  It’s amazing how many of us are not good listeners.  We’re much more interested in talking.  One of the proverbs I’ve recently memorized is 12:23:  “A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself…”.  

A great technique that I have adopted, especially when having coffee or a meal with someone for the first time, is opening with the question:  “Tell me the Sam Kelly story.”  Usually, the other person (Sam in this case) says something like, “Well, I work at…”.  I stop him and ask him to start at the beginning, i.e., tell me where you grew up, went to school, began your career, met your wife, etc.  Then I listen carefully and interject to clarify my understanding and/or to share something we have in common.  Most people like the attention and interest that another person shows in them.  And, often, the person will say in turn, “Tell me the Mike Brunner story.”  It’s a great way to get to know another person – and to work on your listening skills.  Why not give it a try?