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Simple Wisdom Tip #115: Be a Reader!

One of the very best ways to learn and grow is to read.  As Jim Rohn used to say, “All leaders are readers.”  Yet, few of us do it.  Americans read an average of one book a year!  Amazing!  The best of us read 20.  Do you think there would be an effect on your life if you read six good books a year?  You bet there would be!  It would make you smarter, better informed and more confident about successful living.  


My recommendation:  Shoot for one book every two months to begin and keep track of how you’re doing.  If that works, then increase the number.  And, an easy-to-read book to begin with is Absorbing the Wisdom, which I released late last year.






Simple Wisdom Tip #114: Do What You Say You Will Do

People often ask how they can do well in their work and move ahead in their careers.  One idea is to develop a habit of doing assignments quickly and well.  In other words earn the reputation of, “Give it to Sally and she’ll get it done.”


Similarly, one of the best ways one can earn respect from colleagues and friends alike is to become excellent at DWYSYWD.  Coined by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, it stands for Do What You Say You Will Do.  Focus on this one thing and amazing things will happen.