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Simple Wisdom Tip #150: Ensure Clear Expectations

To me, the biggest problem in the workplace today is unclear expectations.  A boss and employee have never clarified, clearly and in writing, what is expected of the employee – what success looks like – which leads to untold misunderstandings and frustration.  The good news:  this is easy to fix.


Likewise, unclear expectations cause problems in many relationships.  A husband and wife come into the marriage with different expectations of how things will work and who will do what.  This also happens in dating relationships and those between friends.  Written or unwritten, people need to reach clear understandings of what is or isn’t expected and reach agreement on them.  Otherwise, problems will persist.







Simple Wisdom Tip #149: Three Rules for the Future

From time to time, we think about the future.  What can we expect?  What can I do to make things turn out better for me?  Those who plan for the future do far, far, far better than those who don’t.


I really like what widely-read author and speaker Brian Tracy says about the future.  He cites three succinct rules for the future:


1.      It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, only where  you’re going.

2.      Your life will only get better when you get better; there’s no limit to what you  can do.

3.      You can learn anything you need to learn to accomplish what you want.


Wow!  Clear, concise and actionable!  There is a lot of wisdom here.  Why don’t you begin implementing these rules today?