News: What We're Doing Now

 JANUARY 2024 


Coaching – Coached a very senior executive in a nationwide nonprofit to think through how best to onboard or orient a very important new hire to hit the ground running.


Consulting – Helped a senior ministry leader in the U.K. to develop clear, measurable goals and objectives to guide her team over the next year.


Coaching – Worked with an executive in a nonprofit organization to focus on capturing all the incoming work during an especially busy time.  








Consulting – Began planning the annual all-staff retreat for 2024 with the three top leaders of a locally-based nonprofit organization.  


Coaching – Provided a ministry leader in Mexico with a few of my best time management tips which she will translate into Spanish and use as she begins to help others in her ministry.  


Strategic Planning – Worked with a few leaders of a new subsidiary of a national non-profit to vet a new business opportunity and scope out how best to manage it.  






Brainstorming/Coaching – Worked with a new executive in an organization about how best to design a new training/mentoring program for a group of new hires over the next year.        


Strategic Planning – Worked with two leaders in the DC area of a worldwide nonprofit to help them expand their strategic plan to some subsidiary parts of their organization.


Coaching – Met with a senior leader in a large international ministry to discuss his recent huge promotion and to see how I can help him in this new role.



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