News: What We're Doing Now




Facilitating – Facilitated a meeting of about 25 participants in one segment of a national non-profit.


Coaching – Began a coaching relationship with a talented individual serving Asia in an international ministry organization. 


Facilitating – Chaired a board meeting via Zoom of a legal UK charity organization.







Consulting – Helped two midlevel staffers plan a staff retreat for about 25 of their colleagues.


Coaching – Coached a senior ministry leader on possible options for changing his career to potentially a whole new field.


Consulting – Worked with the leader of a small, growing non-profit on recruiting a superb candidate to serve on his board.






Coaching – Coached a senior ministry leader on the challenges of moving from a line position (i.e., managing people in an organization) to a staff position (focusing on coaching, mentoring, teaching, advising).


Consulting – Chaired a board meeting of a relatively small ministry-based organization, demonstrating best practices of leading by consensus and collaboration.



Coaching – Coached a senior manager in a large trade association on best practices of onboarding new employees and teaching them good delegating skills.





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