News: What We're Doing Now





Coaching – Provided advice and counsel to a high level executive in a worldwide ministry who has just been promoted to an even larger role. 


Facilitating – Facilitated a board meeting in Southampton, England of a UK faith-based organization.


Coaching – Worked with an executive in a worldwide organization to teach him best practices in developing goals and objectives.  





AUGUST 2019 


Strategic Planning/Coaching – Helped an executive in a worldwide ministry to lead a group through a comprehensive strategic planning process. 


Facilitating – Facilitated annual management staff retreat for non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia.


Coaching – Helped an executive in a large ministry to begin preparing himself to effectively compete for a more senior position in the organization in the next few years. 




JULY 2019 


Strategic Planning – Met via conference call with the board of a large, national non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C. to begin updating its comprehensive strategic plan. 


Coaching – Had a coaching session with an executive of a worldwide ministry organization facing major change in her area of work where both of her supervisors are departing. 


Facilitating – Began working with the CEO and senior staffer of a non-profit organization in Arlington, Virginia to plan and facilitate their upcoming management retreat.




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