News: What We're Doing Now



JUNE 2022 


Presenting – Delivered a power point presentation via Zoom on Become a Champion in Ministry and in Life to City Life Church in Southampton, England.


Consulting – Began planning with a ministry leader in a large Anglican church in Northern Virginia how to revitalize her decades-old ministry.


Coaching – Began a coaching relationship with a bright up-and-comer in a growing non-profit providing services to multiple government agencies. 




MAY 2022 


Coaching – Helped an executive adjust to the change in going from a line position (i.e., management) to a staff position (i.e., advising and following up, not managing), two completely different kinds of work. 


Facilitation – Co-facilitated with the CEO a staff retreat of a prominent non-profit organization serving a significant number of federal government agencies.


Coaching – Helped an executive in a large ministry to begin preparing to assume an important new position. 





APRIL 2022 


Coaching – Reconnected with a talented leader who is balancing some significant work responsibilities in the U.S. and also in Europe, and discussing how best to manage them.


Coaching – Helped a senior leader in worldwide ministry analyze the pros and cons of taking on a role with a for-profit organization in addition to his current work.


Coaching – Successfully advised a ministry leader and her supervisor on how best to create the kind of position that would best match her skills and abilities, and convince others of the value of this.  



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