News: What We're Doing Now


MARCH 2021 


Facilitating  – Led an organization ministering to college students through an initial effort to update and revise its strategic plan.


Presenting  – Delivered a presentation via Zoom to a church staff in Southampton, England on the Characteristics of a Healthy Staff.


Facilitating – Chaired a meeting via Zoom of a board of directors overseeing all activity in Western Europe, as part of a world-wide ministry.






Facilitating  – Conducted workshop for select staff of world-wide ministry on improving their Time Management  skills.


Coaching – Coached senior executive of non-profit organization on how to deal with a difficult employee about her supervisory skills.


Presenting  – Presented mini-seminar on Goal Setting for staff in New York City who are part of an international ministry.




 JANUARY 2021 


Coaching – Counseled two senior executives of national non-profit organization on how best to train up long-time employee in her competency.  


Facilitating  – Chaired board meeting of non-profit ministry serving the Washington, DC area.


Presenting  – Delivered Effective Time Management  presentation to ministry group in Manhattan.  




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