News: What We're Doing Now


APRIL 2024 


Consulting – Helped a large non-profit organization design its all-staff retreat which will include updating its annual work plan for the coming year.


Coaching – Had a coaching session via Zoom for five staffers in the Latin America-Caribbean area of a worldwide ministry to teach/coach them around the principles of David Allen’s classic book Getting Things Done.


Coaching – Worked with an executive in a large non-profit organization to help her to become more effective in managing her staff and her many




MARCH 2024 


Coaching – Helped a local non-profit ministry board to assess the pros and cons of a possible merger with another somewhat-similar organization.


Coaching – Guided a non-profit organization planning for its board meeting and retreat in Charleston, SC at the end of May.   


Coaching – Coached a senior executive in the Asia-Pacific area of a worldwide ministry to review her goals in preparation for a review with her supervisor.






Facilitating – Facilitated an all-staff meeting face to face for about 70 staff in a large nonprofit organization (see above).


Consulting – Chaired a small faith-based non-profit’s board of directors and helped them to apply best practices in non-profit governance.


Coaching – Worked with a mid-level staffer in a worldwide ministry to develop some basic practices to get better organized.  



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