News: What We're Doing Now

 MAY 2023 


Coaching – Helped an executive think through and decide whether to apply for a new and much higher position in a large organization.  Ultimately, she decided for multiple reasons to stay where she is for now.


Facilitating – Co-facilitated a two-day virtual retreat for over 40 staff in a national nonprofit organization as it begins an annual strategic planning process. 


Coaching – Worked with two ministry leaders who are eager to sharpen their skills in David Allen’s Getting Things Done system so as to become even more effective in getting their work done efficiently and well.





APRIL 2023 


Facilitating – Facilitated a two-day team retreat – of a unit within a nonprofit organization – as it strives to clarify and better understand the many tasks that it collectively had to perform to improve its work flow and strengthen relationships.


Coaching – Helped an executive analyze and decide whether to embark upon a major career change. 


Teaching – Walked a couple of leaders, who work in the Asia Pacific area of a worldwide ministry, through a presentation of Getting Things Done, which they recorded for possible showings to their colleagues.



MARCH 2023 


Coaching – Worked with an executive assistant to a very level leader in a worldwide    ministry to improve her follow up and organizational skills.


Facilitating -- Chaired the board of a small ministry organization in working to fulfill its   purpose and continue to grow.


Coaching – Helped an executive conduct a more effective group interview process for an important new hire. 




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