News: What We're Doing Now



Coaching – Worked with an executive with a large trade association as she seeks to teach her staff some new management skills she has been learning and putting into practice.


Facilitating – Chaired a board meeting of a newly formed non-profit ministry organization.


Coaching – Began mentoring relationship with a “rising star” that is challenged by simultaneously completing seminary, managing an important job, and providing spiritual leadership to lots of young people.





OCTOBER  2018 


Consulting – Participated as a member of a small advisory board to help a senior vice president become even more effective at his job. 


Coaching – Helped a rising leader of a worldwide organization to update her region’s strategic plan.


Facilitating -- Chaired a board meeting in Portland, Oregon of an international faith-based organization that focuses on the countries in Western Europe.






Facilitating – Chaired the board meeting of a small faith-based non-profit organization.


Coaching – Helped a senior leader of a worldwide organization to prioritize his plans and goals for the next year.


Facilitating – Led a non-profit organization through a brainstorming session to develop a fundraising plan.




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