News: What We're Doing Now





Strategic planning – Held an initial conference call with the head of a specialized area of an international ministry organization to discuss how best to conduct a strategic planning process to meet the ministry’s needs. 


Coaching – Began a coaching relationship with a senior executive of a worldwide ministry who overseas a large part of New York City. 



Strategic planning – Met with a small group via conference call to “scrub” or tighten up the first draft of a comprehensive strategic plan that resulted from an all-day planning session late last year. 






Coaching – Spent three days in Germany working with a ministry executive, who oversees activities in several countries, helping him develop his goals, objectives and plans for 2019 and refining his systems for getting and staying highly organized and productive. 


Facilitating – Met with a CEO of a non-profit organization and his senior staff to help reconcile a conflict that could have potentially hurt the entity’s progress going forward.


Strategic planning – Led a ministry group in New York through an all-day planning session to help them set a strategic direction for the ministry over the next three years. 







Coaching – Worked with an executive with a large trade association as she seeks to teach her staff some new management skills she has been learning and putting into practice.


Facilitating – Chaired a board meeting of a newly formed non-profit ministry organization.


Coaching – Began mentoring relationship with a “rising star” that is challenged by simultaneously completing seminary, managing an important job, and providing spiritual leadership to lots of young people.




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