News: What We're Doing Now





Facilitating – Chaired the board meeting of a small faith-based non-profit organization.


Coaching – Helped a senior leader of a worldwide organization to prioritize his plans and goals for the next year.


Facilitating – Led a non-profit organization through a brainstorming session to develop a fundraising plan.




AUGUST 2018 


Facilitating – Facilitated annual management staff retreat for non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia.


Strategic planning – Led a ministry group through an all-day planning session to help them set a strategic direction for the ministry over the next three years. 


Facilitating – Facilitated daylong session with staff in executive office of CEO of worldwide organization located in Colorado to help them further improve the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.




JULY 2018 


Consulting – Worked with a senior vice president of a faith-based organization to craft a process to ensure all staff have clear, measurable goals and objectives and are held accountable for them. 


Facilitating – Met with CEO and senior leader of nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Virginia to plan their annual management staff retreat.


Facilitating – Interviewed a number of key staff in executive office of CEO of worldwide organization in preparation for working with them to further improve the team’s efficiency and effectiveness. 


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