About Us

Brunner & Associates, Inc. specializes in a number of areas to assist organizations and individuals to be more successful in accomplishing their goals. Our president, Michael E. Brunner has a vast amount of experience, including serving as chief executive officer of a large national non-profit organization for over 25 years.  He holds Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Public Administration degrees.


Strategic Planning – Mike leads organizations through a process to determine and clarify their mission and vision, and to help them set a series of broad goals and specific and measurable objectives that lead to concrete results and accomplishments.


Facilitation – Mike works with organizations – or subsets of them – to help them address complicated and/or controversial issues and challenges, and to arrive at agreed-upon solutions.


Executive Coaching – Mike works with executives and key staff one-on-one to help them more effectively clarify and accomplish their objectives in harmony with their organization’s mission and vision.


Getting Organized – Mike works with individuals on how to become more effective in managing their stuff – setting goals and objectives, supervising employees, using time well, processing emails, managing commitments, etc. 


Organizational Assessment – Mike helps organizations that are going through a transition and/or that want to assess how effectively organized they are, and how best to restructure and/or refocus to better achieve their objectives.

Presentations – Mike is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter and delivers a variety of workshops and/or talks on a number of subjects.  Such a presentation could be an excellent addition to an organization’s training program, meeting or retreat.

Life Planning – Mike loves helping individuals think deeply about their lives and what they want to accomplish.  Life goes by very rapidly and, unless one intentionally plans his/her life, the time often just seems to slip away.  This presentation is ideal for a staff or membership gathering.