Our Services

Mike, what an amazing day! I can’t thank you enough for your help with moderating our retreat! Your style, presentation, form and content were perfect. Most importantly, I thank you for the hours of preparation which helped to flawlessly create the ideal agenda. I look forward to many more “growth” meetings ahead.”

Wendy Baum, President

Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group


Brunner & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of services to organizations and individuals.  We specialize in helping organizations and individuals in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning – Leading organizations through a proven planning approach resulting in a clear, measurable, implementable multi-year strategic plan.
  • Executive Coaching – Helping executives and others to become even more successful; with coaching, the agenda is always determined by the client.
  • Life Planning – Teaching groups and coaching individuals on planning their lives so that they live life to their maximum potential.
  • Facilitation – Leading groups and organizations through a structured discussion as they seek solutions and the best way forward to challenges facing them.  Having an outside facilitator allows the groups’ and organizations’ leaders to fully participate in the process.
  • Getting Organized – Working with individuals to help them manage their “stuff” so as to operate at peak efficiency.
  • Organizational Assessment – Working with organizations – both large and small – to help leaders and managers assess their business needs and how best to reorganize and/or restructure the current staffing resources to meet them.
  • Presenting – Delivering a variety of helpful presentations on topics such as:  
  • Maximizing Your Success in Your Work and Your Life
  • Getting Things Done
  • Board Development – Best Practices for Non-Profits
  • Time Management Basics 
  • You Are the Message – How to make effective presentations
  • Success Principles in the Workplace