Simple Wisdom Tip #36: Write it down!

I continue to be amazed that so many people tell you they will do something (send you something, follow up on something, whatever)…..but don’t write it down.  Thus, they often forget and don’t follow up, causing little chinks in their reputations as reliable and responsible individuals.

This problem is so easily remedied.  There are two keys

  1. First, capture this commitment in whatever way works best for you at the time.  For example, some folks type a reminder into their smart phone, others speak it into their smart phone, still others write it on a small notepad or even a napkin if in a restaurant (I sometimes do the napkin and it works for me!). 
  2. Second, transfer that commitment from your where you captured it into your system where all of your commitments are stored, reviewed regularly and acted upon.

This one practice will make your life easier and better.  Want to discuss the best way to do this?  Contact us.  Or, if you aren’t using an effective system, let us know.

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