Simple Wisdom Tip #55: How to Have Great Conversations

A friend recommended a book to me in January and I bought and read it.  Verdict: it is terrific!  Entitled Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, it was written around 2004.  “When you think of a fierce conversation,” she says, “think passion, integrity, authenticity, collaboration.  Think cultural transformation.”  This book is packed with ideas for more effectively communicating with others in work, family and other settings.  She also provides a very effective approach for teams to present, discuss and resolve issues.  I’ll be using many of the things I learned in this book as I work with organizations and coach individuals.

I particularly liked her sound and practical ideas on how to have a confrontational conversation with someone about a behavioral issue.  She offers a step-by-step approach that, to me, makes a lot of sense.  If you’re looking for a good read full of great conversational tips, take a look at Fierce Conversations.