Simple Wisdom Tip #57: How To Live Longer

This week I was rereading my notes from a favorite book, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age by Dr. Daniel Amen.  It has terrific information about how to keep our brains young even while we age.  While a few years old now, the book cites a remarkable longitudinal study that finds that one of the main predictors of longevity is conscientiousness.  Some of the findings:

  • Hard work and accomplishment are strong predictors of longevity.
  • Thoughtful planning and perseverance were associated with longevity.
  • People with habits, routines, and social networks that encouraged exercise did the best.
  • Social relationships dramatically impact health.
  • Moderate worry, meaning you care and think about the future, is an important part of staying healthy.

This is encouraging!  We can prepare ourselves to live longer by adopting some or all of these practices.  Need some help getting started?  Let us know.