Simple Wisdom Tip #58: The Productivity Project

A friend and colleague recently sent me a new book – The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey – that he knew I would like.  He knows that I’m a productivity coach and that this would be right up my alley.  He was right! The author has always been fascinated by productivity, even as a young person.  He graduated with a business degree in 2013 and had two excellent job offers. 

He turned them both down and devoted one year to learning all he could about productivity – including reading tons of books, interviewing productivity gurus, and experimenting with all kinds of productivity ideas (some of which, to me, are “way out”).  From this study comes the book which is chock full of ideas to be more productive in one’s life.  It’s a fun and relatively easy read.

My suggestion – and challenge – to you is to read the book and identify a few key ideas and practices that you will implement in your life.  The impact will be amazing!  What not give it a try?