Simple Wisdom Tip #60: Be A Pruner!

One of the most helpful disciplines you can establish is to prune your stuff on a regular basis.  For example, look at your closets.  Most of us jam things in and they are overflowing.  A great time to prune them is during a change of seasons.  Some advocate the rule that, if you haven’t worn something in a year, give it away or throw it away.  Millions of people would love to wear what’s in my closet and your closet.  I do this periodically.

Another example is your files.  I go through each file folder every two years and dump all the outdated stuff I no longer need.  It keeps my filing system slim, clean and up to date.  Likewise, what about your garage or desk drawers?  It is a great feeling to throw no-longer-needed things out and to clean things up.  Pruning leads to a simpler, cleaner life with fewer distractions.  What not give it a try?