Simple Wisdom Tip #63:  CADIF

Many years ago I read an excellent book by Mark McCormack entitled, What They Don’t Teach You at the Harvard Business School.  I always remembered one bit of advice the author offered for one to be successful in his or her endeavors.  It’s to be terrific at CADIF.  Here’s what it is:


C = Commitment.  To really stand out at something one needs to be incredibly committed. Oh, we can get by at a lesser level but not putting everything into an endeavor shows up sooner or later.

AD = Attention to Detail.  It is critical for one to be conscientious about details.  Being sloppy with them can get you – and your organization or family – in trouble.  This is a key success attribute.

IF = Immediate Follow up.  One way to strengthen relationships with your friends and colleagues is to become excellent at following up.  If you have the reputation of  “If you give it to Lisa, she’ll get it done!” you can write your own ticket. 

Want to talk about any part of this?  Let us know.