Simple Wisdom Tip #66: Focus on Process not Results

I recently read an interesting book entitled Organize Tomorrow Today by Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow, two very successful people.  They propose what sounds like a radical idea – don’t focus on results -- but it’s really not.  Don’t focus on results?  What?  That’s how we’re all measured and rewarded.

Here is their thinking:  When you only focus on results, you aren’t necessarily building the actual skills you need to be successful.  In other words, focusing on results – on the end product – actually makes it more difficult to produce those results.  Rather, emphasizing the process is the way to effectively set goals that will produce the results you want. 


Results goals are things like:

  1. Earn $200,000 in commissions next year,
  2. Write a novel, or
  3. Get promoted to vice president,

... things over which you don’t have complete control. 


Process goals for these examples (the preferred kind) might be things like:

  1. Contact at least three high net worth clients each work day,
  2. Set aside two hours each weekday dedicated to writing, and
  3. Read at least one relevant book each month in your field. 

Note that the process goals are completely measurable and under your control.  Done consistently and well, these kinds of process goals will likely lead to accomplishing the results you want.  Get the idea?

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