Simple Wisdom Tip #69: Prepare to be Successful

One key attribute for success is preparing well.  It’s amazing how many of us don’t do it.  Yet, the evidence is overwhelming!  Those who plan ahead and prepare do far, far, far better.  It is incontrovertible.

This logical approach goes back to Biblical times.  Who better to learn from than Jesus!  Two examples:  First, in chapter 11 of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus sends two of his disciples into a town to pick up a colt (for His triumphant ride into Jerusalem) and told them what to say if anyone questioned them.  When they untied the colt, they were challenged and said simply, “the Lord has need of it,” and were allowed to take it.  The point is that Jesus did not leave things to the last minute.  Another example: as described in Luke 22, He arranged for an upper room for the Last Supper.  His disciples were not aware of Jesus preparing for either of these events but He did.  The moral: Jesus prepared ahead of time –
and so should we. 

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