Simple Wisdom Tip #81: Checklists are the Key!

We are just finishing up our annual vacation at Cape Cod.  Preparing and packing for this 10-day annual getaway is simple since we operate from checklists.  I use two, Travel – Cape Cod and Packing – Cape Cod.  On the travel list are items such as arrange lodging and make down payment, develop budget, cancel newspapers during absence from home, find reading material, take notes from previous years, alert neighbor re: our absence, etc.  Of course, the packing checklist is simply of list of what and how many to pack.  With it, I can pack in 20 minutes and rarely if ever forget anything.  My wife has her own packing list.  Preparing via checklists enables us to enjoy our time without the hassle of forgetting to bring or do something.  


I’ve used checklists for years – including checklists for friends’ birthdays, packing, client obligations, travel, preparing for Christmas, things to buy, year-end to do’s, etc. – and they have saved me so much time and angst.  You should try checklists if you don’t use them already.



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