Simple Wisdom Tip #88: Be a Mentor!

I believe that everyone can benefit from having a mentor or mentors in life.  Some have more than one.  A friend I am coaching told me he had three coaches/mentors – one for organizational/planning/goal setting/time management (me), one for his physical health and one for his soul.  To help ensure that everyone has access to a mentor, I also believe that we who are older should look for opportunities to mentor younger folks.  



My friend John – a very successful small businessman – told me that he is now mentoring four young men.  He describes himself as “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and someone to offer a “nudge” now and then in the right direction.  Those more senior among us have usually acquired a fair amount of wisdom, knowledge and judgment from life’s experiences.  It’s time we look for ways to pass it on to others.  It’s a great chance to give back.