Simple Wisdom Tip #95: Make Your Meetings More Effective

I just read a fascinating new book by Kevin Kruse, Great Leaders Have No Rules.  In it, Kruse explains that meetings tend to start late, run long, have the wrong people in them, are dominated by extraverts and show boaters, stray off topic, and worst of all, break up your day in illogical ways.  As to what to do about it, he offers the following tips:


  • Design and facilitate meetings well.
  • Have well-planned agenda that clearly states the purpose of the meeting, desired outcomes and initial topics.
  • Circulate agenda ahead of time so attendees arrive prepared.
  • Think carefully about who to invite.  The smaller the meeting, the more efficient it will be.
  • Call on introverts to get their opinions and silence side conversations.
  • Keep the conversation on topic and manage the clock.