Simple Wisdom Tip #98: Skip New Year's Resolutions

Ready to make some New Year’s Resolutions?  Not so fast.  They usually don’t work.  As Tony Schwartz points out in his insightful book, The Way We’re Working is Not Working, 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week, 60% within six months.  The average person makes the same resolution 10 separate times without success.  Wow!


Here’s a better approach.  Develop a series of clear, measurable, written objectives for 2020.  Then, break them into various subparts and assign those to specific months throughout the year. (i.e., when you’ll actually accomplish those parts).  Finally, refer to them as you do your weekly and daily planning throughout the year.  Those who follow this (or a similar) approach have a much, much higher rate of success.


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