Simple Wisdom Tip #117: The Key is Doing

Some years ago, I met with a couple in my church to do some financial counseling.  It was basic stuff, having a budget, tracking one’s spending, holding oneself accountable, etc.  When I finished my brief set of recommendations, the husband (who was a physician) said, “Mike, no disrespect but I know all those things.”  I complimented him and then asked him, “But, Andy, are you doing them?”  And he said no he wasn’t but he knew them.


Isn’t this often typical of us?  We know what we should be doing and how but aren’t doing those things.  It’s all about the doing (which takes discipline) and not the knowing.  Remember:


He who knows but doesn’t do, is no better than he who doesn’t know.  Or, she who knows how to read but doesn’t read is no better than she who doesn’t know how to read.