Simple Wisdom Tip #118: What if Your Ideal Busyness Level?

When working one-on-one with clients, one of my favorite coaching questions is: “If 100 is your ideal busyness level, where are you now?”  The ideal is different for all of us, of course (i.e., some like to be much busier than others) but the key part of the question is where the person is compared to his/her ideal.  If someone is 80 or 85, he is probably bored.  Between 95 and 105 is perfect.  If someone is 120, she is getting near the edge.  At 140, the person is ready to explode.


This is a good, quick way to determine what an individual is experiencing in his life.  And, from there, we identify some strategies to help her move closer to her ideal.  It is a very healthy undertaking.