Simple Wisdom Tip #126: Freshen Up Your Lists

I have frequently talked about David Allen’s wonderful Getting Things Done approach which I adopted years ago and absolutely love.  He advocates a series of lists or reminders of things on our plates that we all have or want to complete.  Keeping the lists current is vital.  This has helped me immensely to stay at the top of my game.


Recently I have begun intentionally going over my lists periodically – as Allen recommends – to make sure the items are current and still need to be completed.  Sometimes I make a decision to delete an item that is no longer important to do.  With others, I decide to reword them to make them again relevant.  And with still others, I ask why this item has gotten “stuck” with no progress in weeks.  This “refreshing” process makes my “to do’s” more current, relevant and meaningful. It is a healthy process to keep operating at top efficiency.  Why don’t you give it a try?