Simple Wisdom Tip #145: #1 Time Management Tip

My all-time top time management suggestion is to have a Master List.  Put everything you have or want to do on a master list, no prioritization, big or small, then manage from it.  Some folks have one master list for their work life, and another master list for their personal life.  Up to you.  Begin all items with an action verb.  When you do daily or weekly planning, look at the list and pick out the items you want to do that day.  When you complete an item, cross it off the list.  Some do this electronically, others by hand – it doesn’t matter.  When a hand-written list gets too messy, write a new, clean one with only the items left to do.  Keep adding to the list when new items come in.  This way, you’ll never forget anything once it gets on the list.