Simple Wisdom Tip 148: Prepare! Prepare!

I facilitated an all-staff meeting for a large non-profit (70 staff) and the top management team (CEO, COO and CFO) and we had probably 12-13 meetings over the last three months to plan, prepare and practice.  The CEO is a masterful planner and we got this process down cold.  We had the meeting last week and it was highly effective and wonderfully received, all because we prepared.  No surprise.  Preparing properly is a core skill in life.


It is amazing how many of us don’t take time to plan big events.  So often we “wing it” – and that approach often fails.  Please take the time up front to decide what you want to accomplish, how best to achieve it, and who needs to do what by when.  You will be glad you did.  Remember the old adage – winners prepare and non-winners don’t.